If you are looking for a typical group fitness class often seen in big commercial gyms, we aren't for you.  Maybe you're interested in bootcamp style classes that have a large amount of people in the class and the instructor yelling at you to go faster and harder.  Well we aren't for you.  

Consider this:  If you are looking to become a better athlete, look better, feel good, or simply allow your everyday routine to be easier, why wouldn't you put your trust in coaches with proven success and a program that works?

Hunt for Strength was started in 2012 with the idea of giving every client the opportunity to achieve more then they thought attainable in a small yet inspiring environment.


It is our mission to offer quality service and being dedicated to helping uncover our client's fitness potential.  Hunt for Strength was started 2012 as a way to offer a different kind of personal and group class experience.  Our strength and conditioning programs as well as personal training services are tailored to help everyone reach his or her goals.

We are different from our competitors because the majority of our programs are designed for individual goals and not cookie-cutter programming.  While most facilities post general workouts on the board for everyone to follow, Hunt for Strength realizes that everyone has different wants and needs, and their program should reflect that.

Our programs have been featured in Men's Health, Muscle and Fitness, Food Network, and Ironman Magazine.




Here is what you can experience at Hunt for Strength

  • Experienced and dedicated coaching

  • Small Group Training

  • Personal and Semi-Private Training

  • Youth, College, and Professional Strength and Conditioning Programs

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Proven programs and results


Since we are not your average gym, our prices aren't average.  Most gyms and even smaller training facilities look to fill up their classes and chase volume.

Our approach is slightly different.  

We seek a limited number of inidividuals who are dedicated to their goals and willing to work for them.  With this commitment, our small-group training atmosphere allows every member to work directly with the coaches.