What We Do

Hunt for Strength works with committed adults who are dedicated to not only looking better but feeling better as well.  We are different than other training facilities, because we focus on improving your quality of life by strengthening your body from head to toe.  By challenging your physical nature and educating you on proper nutritional and lifestyle choices, improved body composition is a side effect.  Our clients enjoy coming to us because we constantly push them to train to their potential.

Housed in Coastal Sports NJ, Hunt for Strength is not a fancy gym with towel service or dozens of machines.  We only employ the training modalities we believe that produce results.  There is no wasted space in our facility.

We care about all of our members because we are dedicated to helping them reach their goals.  

1)  Write down a goal.

2) Outline steps to attaining that goal.

3) Proceed in working towards that goal.

4) Accomplish it!

Our trainers at Hunt for Strength are here to help assist you and are along for your ride. 


Within weeks of dedicated training, clients are expected to have the following results:

1) Increased Lean Muscle Tissue

2) Increased Overall Strength

3) Decreased Levels of Bodyfat

4) Mental Confidence and Greater Self-Esteem

5) Improved Movement Patterns

6) Decreased Joint Aches and Pains

7) Nutritional Education

8) Improved Posture


Our memberships require a committment because goals are only accomplished when you dedicate yourself towards it.  For more information on memberships, please visit our membership page.


Welcome to the Hunt for Strength Family!

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