We reward our members who help spread the Hunt for Strength training experience! Hunt for Strength members will receive 15% off of their next monthly membership dues for every referred member AND a $25 gift card to your restaurant of choice.

(*1 referred member = 15% off for 1 month, 2 referred members = 15% off for 2 months, 3 referred members = 15% off 3 months)   

The referred member will ALSO receive 15% off their first month! 

  • Referral program begins on 9/26/2016
  • Only the Referring member will receive a gift card

  • Referring member must submit this form within 30 days of new member starting in order to claim credit for referral.

  • Referral Discount only valid for 3 months.  

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Name of Referring Member
Name of Referred Member *
Name of Referred Member