Our coaches have worked with high school and collegiate programs.  They've prepared for competitions and done grueling events like the GoRuck Challenge and Tough Mudder.  They've trained in big box corporate gyms as well small and beat up training facilities.  Point is:  They've seen it all.

Through these experiences, there are a few things that our coaches have come to understand:

  • People need individual instruction even in a small group setting.  Most facilities seek out volume and gathering as many people in their classes as their space deems fit.  This is great for energy and revenue, however the downfall in this approach is the lack of care clients get.  Our coaches pay close attention on everyone's progress and this is achieved by keeping our members in a small group class.

  • The Value of Personal Training has dropped.  The barrier of entering personal training is FAR TOO EASY.  With that, the value behind personal training has dropped significantly.  Our coaches take pride in our personal training relationships and seek to give you all your money's worth.

  • Athletes NEED individualized programming.  As athlete's progress, they need programs that cater to their individual weaknesses and strengths.  They also need to carefully structured programming that will allow them to peak for their sport season.  Every athlete that enters our programs receive this attention and care.

  • Proper coaching is a lost art.  Unfortunately, proper training has gotten lost and more trainers are following trends instead of sound coaching.  Our coaches not only keep up on the latest research but also look to improve the way our clients move while helping them to achieve their goals.

  • Consistency will never fail.  Often times, especially in big health clubs, it's easy to lose your momentum and end up at square one.  Our coaches will help to keep you on track while being sympathetic to your schedule.  With this recipe, results are there for you.