Middle School Strength & Conditioning (Grades 5-8)

Our Middle School Strength and Conditioning Program will help your young athletes find their potential and assist in their development. 

Unfortunately in today's society, kids don't have the basic skills to run, jump, and move in a correct and efficient manner.  Our Middle School Strength and Conditioning program helps to solve this issue. 

The skills, habits, and attitudes your athletes learn at this young age can transform who they become as they get older.

We established this program with the goal of helping young athletes and giving them the skills and confidence they need to succeed on the field and in life.

Middle school athletes will learn:

  • How to warm up properly so they can avoid injury

  • How to master running technique so they can be the fastest and quickest on the their respective field of play

  • How to accelerate, decelerate, and change direction to prevent injuries and speed past defenders

  • How to lift weights and build relative strength so they will be stronger and ready for the demands of high school

Spring Program Begins March 18th!

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