Small Group Training

$129 per month - 2x/Week

This option is best suited for individuals who have a challenging schedule but are still willing to dedicate two sessions per week to training with us.  Individuals who choose this option are encouraged to train by themselves as well.

$159 per month - Unlimited Training

We recommend this option for everyone who comes through our doors.  The more you train with us, the better results you can see.  


Middle School Strength and Conditioning

$169 per month- Unlimited Training

$139 per month- 2x/Week


Personal Training

Starting at $80/hour

Our personal training is best for individuals whose schedule conflicts with our small group training schedule.  We also do personal training when the coaches feel like the client needs one-on-one instruction and would benefit more then from being in a group class.  Prices decrease if more sessions are bought in bulk.



$25 per class


High School / College Strength & Conditioning

$199 per month - Unlimited Training

This training option is best for athletes who are in their offseason and looking to dedicate considerable time to gaining strength and speed.  Athletes who are sign up for this option receive an individualized training program that progresses them in a structured manner.

$179 per month - 3x/Week

like our unlimited package, This training option is best suited for athletes who are in their offseason.  we recommend three times per week for athletes who have other priorities in their schedule but still want to dedicate time towards training. 

$149 per month- 2x/week

We recommend training twice a week for in-season athletes or athletes with busy schedules.  Most athletes who start at this option realize the benefits of training and want more, so eventually sign up for the 3x/week or unlimited training.


Team Training

Please inquire as the cost can be adjusted due to different situations.


All prices above (besides our personal training and drop in rates) require a 3-month contract.  We do not like to lock people in on long term contracts however we think we can help you see adequate changes if you dedicate at least 3-months to us.