Hunt for Strength is Fairfield's premier strength and conditioning facility dedicated to changing lives through advanced coaching and small, intimate classes.  The trend currently with big facilities is to pack the room with as many members as possible.  Our coaching benefits from smaller groups and allows each member to get the FULL ADVANTAGE of training with us.  Our environment offers a judgement-free atmosphere with an emphasis on FUN yet CHALLENGING workouts.  If you want to burn fat, build muscle, and learn how to keep sustainable and long-term results then CALL US NOW.


Our group training program provides an atmosphere where you are almost guaranteed to excel.  You will benefit from hands-on and knowledgable coaching, programs targeted to challenge you both physically and mentally, and constant support from both your coaches and fellow classmates.

We noticed that our clients want and need different offerings.  We have classes that are geared towards clients looking for more advanced styles of training as well as clients looking for more beginner and intermediate levels.



  • We first sit down and speak one on one to go over your initial assessment that will help determine your goals, strengths, and weaknesses.  This will include an in-depth questionnaire that will ask you questions ranging from your medical history, your nutrition, social setting, and about your lifestyle habits.

  • We will then determine what program may help you reach your goals in a timely yet realistic fashion.  Whatever program you choose, we will make sure the program designs allows for results.

  • You have the option of partaking in measurements to help track your body-fat improvements as well as development of lean muscle tissue which are vital for not only your health, but improved body composition.

  • Our members support each other and this atmosphere will allow for optimal results.



Our Adult Fat Loss class focuses on beginner and intermediate strength training movements while also providing a circuit training experience that allows for maximal fat loss.

Your current fitness level doesn't matter to us.  The only thing that is important is the goals you want to accomplish and the plan that we will coordinate to help you sustain those goals.

Members of this class are also being challenged and educated on the importance of eating right and training right outside of our class.


Adult Strength:

Our Adult Strength and Conditioning class follows programming geared towards teaching and implementing more advanced training protocols.

Clients will learn barbell movements (squat, bench, cleans, snatches, and more), as well as advanced kettlebell, bodyweight, and other high level training modalities.

This class is for adults looking for high levels of strength as well as intense conditioning.

We offer group classes that operate six times a day at numerous times.  

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