transform your body in 8 weeks.  the kids are back in school.  this is your time

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Hey There,

I'm going to make an educated guess here that the reason you are on this page, is you're ready to make a serious change to your health and fitness.  Or maybe your looking for a challenge and a group of people to help hold you accountable.  The summer-time brings out bad habits.  Parties, BBQs, and trips can lead to some tough choices.

I'm human too with two kids, so I understand the struggle at times.  Let me be the first to say, I'M PROUD OF YOU!  Maybe I didn't even meet you yet, but if you're ready to make a serious change to your current state, I'm psyched to be on board with you.

Our FALL FITNESS program could be exactly what you are looking for.  When I opened my facility, I made it a point of emphasis to prioritize everyone's fitness goals.  It didn't matter why you came in.  Your fitness deserves a personalized approach.

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"Before Hunt for Strength, I had no direction with what to do in the gym.  They have given me the instruction as well as the guidance to help me get to where I am today.  They are not only coaches that I look up to to help in the gym, I look to everyone there as a friend.  Since starting my journey, I have lost over 100 pounds.  Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is not apart of me" Alex W.

why choose this program?

Here's the deal, like I said before, this program isn't for everyone.  In order to succeed in anything, you must put in the time and effort.  Fitness is no different.  With the amount of value being offered, why not give it your all?

I've worked at normal facilities and I've seen the pros and cons to the structure there.  So when it was time to open my own facility, I knew what I wanted to implement.

People see results when they have guidance and are coached by top-notch instructors.  Sure, you can go to the gym and do your own thing or even follow some diet that you picked up on social media.  The question still remains; is that program going to work for you?  Does the person offering that program even know you or ever met you?

When you come to Hunt for Strength, we will sit down and figure out what works best for you.  Taking into account your individual obstacles, daily rituals, and past history, we will figure out how to get you going in the right direction.



This program is seriously only for committed individuals.  It requires sacrifices, consistency, and a will to change your habits.  If you are looking for one of those "quick fix" programs, this isn't really for you.  Check out what this program entails:

  • (2) 30 minute personal training sessions
  • Unlimited email support
  • Daily motivational and health-related text messages sent directly to your phone
  • Weekly educational emails
  • Private facebook group with weekly challenges and support
  • Professional before/after pictures
  • Member discount at our October 14th Fuel the Fire Workshop
  • After party to celebrate your success
  • Nutritional Starter Kit provided by certified dietician Shanon Safi of fuel your fire (grocery list, mindful eating guidelines, sample meal plans)
  • 3 team training classes per week
  • At-home kettlebell and bodyweight workouts provided (2x per week) *You'll need a kettlebell for this one
  • Exclusive nutrition and fitness 6 week road map
  • 1-on-1 needs analysis meeting with head coach
  • BodyFat Percentage, Lean Muscle Tissue, and Bodyfat Mass measured on our State of the Art InBody Machine

(This is actually worth over 700 buckaroos)

That's a crap load of value. 

Your before and after measurements will dictate the winner of this program.  The winner will receive their money back plus $250 to be donated to a charity of their choice!

You will get all of this for...

2 Payments of $167

Quick side note.  We are only offering this program to the first 20 people who sign up.  Right now, we want to give 20 people everything we have.  

"My wife and I started training with hunt for strength in January of 2010 and have been training with them ever since. I used to work at gym for two and half years, and can say for a fact that they have more knowledge on training than any other trainer I have met. My wife and I have looked forward to our sessions with hunt for strength as they make sure that every session is different and fun. We have noticed a definite increase in both our strength and endurance which in turn has led to a healthier lifestyle.  


after a year of looking in from the outside (my son was training before me), I decided to take the risk myself.  It was tough, but I knew I needed to make some changes.  I had some neck injuries that I had to overcome, unfortunately when I would start exercises on my own, I had a lot of setbacks that sent me to my physical therapist.  My husband pushed me to seek professional help in how to train properly.  It has been about 5 months since I have been working out with hunt for strength and I have never felt better.  To be driven physically and mentally to be stronger has given me the balance and confidence I needed in my life and most importantly my health.  I no longer feel pain in my neck and face.  The hours spent and the results I have achieved to date have been largely due to their ability to individualize exercises and training that help meet my goal.  I have never felt stronger or healthier.  hunt for strength's growing knowledge, commitment, and encouragement to all his clients present nothing but success. 

af allan - little falls, nj

So is this program for you?

I think only you can answer that but if you are on the fence, schedule a call here with me so we can see if its a proper fit.  You can come visit us at:

125 Clinton Road, unit 7

Fairfield, NJ 07004

Keep in mind that since we are a private training gym, our hours reflect that.  So it's probably best to either request a call, call us up at 732.558.0901, or shoot us an email at

Let me say one more thing.  I'm 110% committed to you.  I look at it like this:  Not only are you investing in yourself, you are trusting our coaches to help you succeed.  This trust is something we will never take for granted!

Talk to you soon!