Top 6 Reasons Why People Fail to Lose Weight

Top 6 Reasons Why People Fail to Lose Weight.

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  1. They Quit too Early- Ever start something for a few weeks, don't see any changes and then quit? Happens all the time. Some times good things take time. Be patient.

  2. They Can't Sacrifice what they Want for what they NEED- Sorry but if you're serious about your goals, sacrifices need to be made. If you aren't ready to make a few of those sacrifices, you'll struggle.

  3. They Crash Diet with an Extremely Low Calorie Intake- "7 Day Juice Cleanse", "Zero Carbs", etc... Sound familiar? Most crash diets may give you some results short term, so then you think oh man it's working! Then a few weeks go by, and that weight starts to creep back. Why? Well you can't live off juicing forever and carbs are just too good to not eat. Am I right?

  4. Not exercising enough- I get it, waking up and going to the gym all the time is hard. You'd rather sleep in, get your nails done, watch Netflix, or run 1,000 other "important" errands. If you don't train, you'll fail.

  5. Having zero diet or training structure- Structure is important. If you lack structure, you'll run into issues. Hire help and get someone around you that will assist you.

  6. It's Really Not that Important to You- This is a tough pill to swallow for you. Exercise and being healthy is important and you should care right? Sure but maybe it's simply not that important to you. Don't kill yourself trying to do some if you haven't realized why you're even doing it.

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