The New Year's Resolution Paradox

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Around this time, a few well-intentioned friends, trainers, or other associates will be posting about how resolutions are BS and how January is just another month. I used to have that same mindset and dismissed resolutions.

Why did I change?

Well for starters, I’m all for someone trying to adopt a new lifestyle. If eating right and going to the gym is your New Year’s Resolution, then go for it. I’ll be here with open arms to welcome you and root you on. I’m not going to put a damper on your positivity.

Also, ever since I started adopting the businessman mindset, I look at changes on a yearly basis at times. I look at what worked for me in 2018 and what didn’t. So I go into 2019 looking to be better then I was before. So it’ll be hypocritical of me to dismiss people's positive feelings when they are looking to make yearly changes.

Here’s the paradox:

The other day I overheard one of our clients speaking to another client about why people fail. They were talking about why some people see changes and others don’t. I’m not going to mention this ladies name, but she is a very fit person. When you look at her, you can tell she works out. Well why is she in such good shape and others struggle?

When I overheard her conversation, she hit the nail right on the head. “It all starts up top in the mind. It's all about having the right mindset". (Her words, not mine) It’s important to her. Eating healthy and working out is important. Why it’s important to her is completely her business. We all have a different reason of why we do what we do. 

Why do most people struggle? In my opinion, people don’t truly know why they do what they do. You sign your kids up for sports so they are active and have friends. You go out with friends because having a social life is important to you. You have identified important things in your life and you make sure you prioritize those things.


Resolutions work for some people and others have a difficult time. They start their positive habits and it may work for quite some time. Then things get hard. You say to yourself, “I have to go to the gym again” or “I wish I can eat whatever I want for dinner tonight”. These thoughts start to run through your head. It’s a cycle. This is why most gyms see a dip in business around February and March. Things got hard for the clients. 

I want you to identify your WHY. It’s specific to all of us. Spend sometime identifying why being healthy is important to you. Here’s the funny thing. Most people that say they want to look good naked, are the people who struggle the most. Think about that.


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