3 Tips that Guarantee Success

3 Tips that Guarantee Success

As September rolls around, we’ve been getting more people in the door gearing up for the Fall.  So I’ve had some interesting conversations with folks looking to break through a plateau or get in shape.  These conversations all go pretty much the same. 

I’ve seen people become very successful and others struggle.  The truth about succeeding and struggling, is that those same two people generally are faced with the same obstacles.  You know, kids, work, family, tired, etc.

The primary difference is that people who succeed still find ways around these obstacles and are able to get it done.

I’ve come up with 3 tips that are guaranteed to set you up with success for your health.  They are guaranteed, because I’ve seen them work. One of the issues with the internet and social media, is there are a lot of self-proclaimed experts.  Poeple who say to do this or do that, but have never actually worked with anyone.  After a decade of working with real people that have real everyday issues, I’m confident enough to write this.


Add Don’t Subtract

I picked this tip up from Precision Nutrition and something that I’ve seen work with people.  What I mean is, if you are looking to change habits into a result-producing lifestyle, start adding things to your everyday routine that move you forward.  More activity is one of the biggest issues that I see people struggle with. Activity doesn’t mean going to the gym all the time.  Moving more and being active is a simple fix that can pay huge dividends.  

I spoke to a lady just yesterday who admitted she doesn’t eat vegetables.  I spoke to another person who went over their diet and although, it wasn’t too bad, she was only getting maybe a half of cup of veggies per day.  Want to guess what my advice was to them?

During another consulation with someone, he told me he eats pretty well.  After going over his daily diet, and he never drinks water.  Want to take another guess?

There can be a lot more things to add to your daily routine but if you think about adding valuable tools to your day, you’ll be happy with the results.  Many times, by adding, you’ll naturally subtract.  So by adding more water in your day, you won’t feel the urge to grab some sugary beverage or “diet” soda because your thirsty.  By adding more activity in your day, you’ll burn a bit more calories and subtract the inches around your waist.  

Find a Friend to Hold you Accountable

Recently I’ve started skimming the people I talk to on a daily basis.  Nothing against those people and not placing myself on a pedestal, but if I’m not feeling positive energy, then we don’t need to speak.  

Surround yourself with people who will motivate you.  This is so cliché and I get it, but its one of the biggest things that successful people do.  

Go to the gym with a friend and make that part of your friendly duties.  If you don’t come or start slacking off, a real friend will remind you.  They want to see you succeed.  Sometimes real friends want to see you succeed more then they do.  

Over the past decade, people who have seen results, tend to train with someone.  It works!

Your Can Work Around Your Obstacles

This is a hard truth that people overlook.  Unfortunately, everyone faces the same issues everyday.  We all have the same hours in the day, same responsibilities, and generally the same work schedule.  

The reality is that any excuse you make, is most likely not very valid.  I apologize in advance for the harshness.

If you can’t find any time during the day to dedicate to some sort of physical activity, your day needs to be looked at.  

If you TRULY are serious about changing your predicament, take a hard look at your priorities. They probably need to be rearranged.


There is one more quick tip that I’ll throw in there:  Seek help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone to assist you along.  Of course do you due diligence and be careful who you ask for help, but going out and asking for assistance serves well.  

People who have succeeded in health and fitness, go out and get help.  Don’t be afraid.  There are plenty of us out there that generally do enjoy helping people.


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