The 4 P's For Fitness Success

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I just got back from a major recharge week down in Puerto Rico with my family.  Chasing a 7 year old and 11 month around may not sound like much relaxation but I was able to get a little R&R while the little one was napping and the older one was somewhere off in the pool or ocean. 


Times like this allow me to reflect a bunch and think about the current state of where I’m at and where I want to be.  It also gives me some time to look at my business and where I need to do better and be more productive.  A good thing about looking at the business is doing a better job understanding clients and their emotions.  What drives people to success or complacency?


The 4 P’s


This article was written for our clients at Hunt for Strength as they are getting a video with this.  However, when we look at the 4 P’s, this can be used at any point in life and not just fitness related.  In my experience, people who actually succeed in fitness or in their pursuit to whatever goals they have placed for themselves, all have committed to the 4 P’s.  Those that struggle, may be lacking in one of the 4, more then one, or unfortunately all of them.  Let’s get into it.




The 4 P’s are in no particular order but let’s start it off with patience.  How many people who start something are willing to see it all the way through?  We work with so many people and the ones who are most successful, commit entirely to the process.  Whether it’s weeks, months, or years, they have patience and willing to work for it regardless of setbacks.  People who run into a little trouble or adversity, usually are the ones who quit or blame others for their shortcomings.  The sad thing about the fitness industry, is that so many companies have made a ridiculous amount of money off exposing this one thing that people lack.  ’Lose 21 pounds in 21 days’ or some other absurd marketing ploy is thrown around far too often.  All this does is take advantage of people’s vulnerabilities.  How many people do you know that jump from gym to gym or program to program when they don’t see results in four or six weeks? I get it.  People want results now and they don’t want to wait.  I have yet to see people succeed by not putting in the work.




Walt Disney got turned down over 300 times for financing Walt Disney World.


Walt Disney displayed both Patience and Perseverance.  Perseverance is simply why people do great things.  It’s why they say they want to do something and do it.  How many times have you said you were going to do something but stop when an obstacle gets in the way?  Maybe you’re trying out a new diet but the weekends come along, your friends go out and encourage you to make unhealthy choices.  Your ability to stay the course even through those times is perseverance.  Here’s another one, I seem to see often:  People refuse to make their own health and fitness a priority.  I’m in no position to tell anyone what their priorities should be, but if you deem your health as something you want to take care of, prioritizing your health before other things should be important to you.  This means putting yourself before other people.  That includes your family or kids.  I know that’s something people aren’t ready to hear but it’s the hard truth.




Do you have a plan in place that you actually stick to and perform?  Most people who struggle with goal attainment, simply don’t do the necessary tasks.  This may include cutting back on calories or exercising a little more.  It’s simply about preparing your fitness and mindset.  The most fit people are prepared and are active 90% of the time.  They wake up and perform.  People who struggle aren’t prepared and easily lose focus. 


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.




I saved the most important P for last.  What seriously drives you and motivates you within?  On the surface, you want to lose weight, have a 6 pack, or impress your friends.  So then why do so many people struggle?  I’ve found that one of the primary reasons why people have issues is that they aren’t in touch with their true purpose.  It’s there but needs to be brought to the surface and replace the other superficial ‘needs’ or ‘wants’.  Your true purpose or better yet your true WHY is what will lead you to success.  Sometimes this may involve having a genuine and honest conversation with yourself.  It may be having a heart to heart with someone you trust.  If you’re reading this and losing weight or getting healthy is truly important to you, find out why it’s so important.  Here’s a quick exercise you can do that we perform in an entrepreneur group I’m apart of.  It’s called 567 by Paul Reddick. 


To keep it simple, give yourself a goal.  Let’s say losing weight is your goal.  Your 567 may go something like this:

“Why do you want to lose weight?”

1)    I want to lose weight so I can look good.  “Why do you want to look good?”

2)    I want to look good in my bathing suit.  “Why do you want to look good in your bathing suit?”

3)    So I feel confident in my own skin.  “Why do you want to feel confident in your own skin.  What will that do for you?

4)    Giving me confidence will allow me to be a better person and better mom or dad.  “Why is being a better person or better mom important to you?”

5)    So my kids will live healthier lifestyles and lead after my example.  “Why is your kids living healthy lifestyles important to you?”

6)    So that they don’t struggle with their weight or body image.  I want my kids to be confident in their own skin.  “Your kids being confident in their own skin is important to you clearly but why?”

7)    Well when I’m older and I’m looking back, I want to know I raised them right.

This person’s 567 is their WHY.  It’s their purpose in life and why losing weight is truly important.  This is the conversation that most people never have with themselves.  This lack of perspective is the limiting factor.  If you can find out your PURPOSE, you will be on your way to success.


The 4 P’s, Patience, Perseverance, Performance, and Purpose are what successful people embody.  If you are struggling, and we all struggle, take a look at the 4 P’s.  Can you be better with any of these?






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