Injury Reduction:  Athletes will focus on strengthening the key stabilizers muscles that result in less injuries on the field.  We do this by integrating a well-organized warm up, muscle activation techniques, joint integrity training, as well as exercises that transfer on to their respective field of play.

Movement Prep:  Athletes must learn to move correctly in a dynamic fashion.  We focus on making sure key joints are stabile where need be and mobile where required.  This will allow for joint control and excellent movement patterns.

Speed Training:  Our speed training focuses on teaching first step quickness, acceleration, sprinting mechanics, and top end speed.  Athletes must learn to accelerate quickly as well as have the control to decelerate.  We teach speed training by incorporating resistive drills, overspeed training, as well as enforcing proper joint angles.

Agility:  Our agility program teaches athletes how to change direction efficiently and quickly.  We employ drills that shows athletes how to accelerate, decelerate, and re-accelerate when changing their direction of movement.

Cardiovascular Training:  In our team training, small group, semi-private, or personalized training programs, we are able to tailor our conditioning workouts to the demands of individual sports.  We make sure each energy system (glycolytic, phosphagen, and oxidative) are functioning correctly to enable athletes to remain strong throughout the game.

Core:  Underdeveloped core strength is an issue within young athletes.  The ability for your core to fire, helps with increased speed, agility, strength, and coordination.

Reactive Training:  Athletes must have the quickness and reactive abilities to move to another player, an object, or any other stimulus.  Our training helps athletes to react quickly!

Nutrition:  Upon request, athletes will be given a food plan to help them either drop weight, lose fat, increase lean body tissue, or increase weight.  Making sure your body is fueled for performance is unfortunately a disregarded topic in athlete training.

Plyometric and Power Development:  Athletes must be powerful, move fast, and be explosive.  We incorporate upper and lower body plyometrics that allow the muscles and body to respond quickly and increase their neural activation speed.

Weight Training:  When athletes enter our doors, we assess them to make sure they are prepared for weight training.  Younger athletes incorporate body-weight training that teaches control, strength, and proper joint positioning of the body.  Once athletes are able to exemplify mastery over certain exercises, we move them to more advanced weight training techniques.  Weight training allows for athletes to be stronger which reduces injuries and increases performance!