Each session will consist of the following however the how much emphasis on each will be tailored to the individual

  • Foam Roll, Warm-Up, Prehabilitation Exercises

  • Speed, Agility, Quickness, Plyometric, Power Development

  • Strength Training

  • Energy System Training (Sport-Specific Conditioning)

  • Recovery, Cooldown Stretch

Spring Program Begins March 18th!

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High School & College Strength & Conditioning Programs

Our High School Total Athlete Performance program is designed to offer strength, speed, and conditioning services for athletes looking to develop their potential.

Every athlete that joins our program is assessed using the Functional Movement Screening which is a screening tool used by major professional teams to address movement patters and help predict future injuries.

Athletes are also evaluated using certain performance tests designed to assess an athlete's performance strengths and weaknesses.  Such tests include but not limited to; broad jump, pro agility, pull-ups, and bench press.

Each our our workouts are customized based on the athlete's training age, goals, and sports played.